The Fullerton Firefighter’s Association would like to announce our 7th annual Pinktober Event!

Since its inception, your Fullerton Firefighter’s have raised over $150,000 used to aid in Cancer research. Our 2018 slogan is “Heroes Come in All Sizes”.

Meet AJ


Anthony James (AJ) Wisniewski was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumor in January 2018, right before turning two years old.  AJ went through many months of treatment, 7 rounds of chemotherapy and one major surgery where one of his kidneys had to be removed.  In July 2018, it was determined that AJ was in remission.  His doctors will watch him closely for many years to come.  AJ has amazed and inspired so many by his incredible attitude and resilience.  AJ’s successful outcome was in part due to a trial published by the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). 

 The Fullerton Firefighter's are honored to present this year's PINKtober theme...Heroes Come in All Sizes.  This is the 7th year the Fullerton Firefighter's have sponsored an individual affected by cancer.  This year it hits very close to home.  AJ is the son of one of our own Fullerton Firefighter's.  He was diagnosed with cancer when he was less than two years old and has gone through a battle that is affecting more and more people in today's world.  Through AJ's determination, courage and unconditional love, he is now cancer free!  The Fullerton Firefighter's are hopeful that one day society will no longer have to fight these battles because of the fight that was fought and won by those before them.  Our hope is that one day the world can finally be cancer free.  With the funds raised in the previous six years, the Fullerton Firefighter's have donated over $150,000 to cancer research and assistance.  Every dollar raised takes us one step closer to getting rid of this awful disease once and for all.  Every dollar this year will be donated to the Children’s Oncology Group.  The Fullerton Firefighter's could not have done this feat alone.  Through community involvement, multiple events and the sale of all of our PINKtober gear we have come together as a community to ensure that other children and families do not have to go through the same battles that AJ went through.  This year the Fullerton Firefighter's truly learned that "Heroes Come in All Sizes"!


About Us: We are Members of the Fullerton Firefighters Association dedicated to raising cancer awareness through community outreach.


Fullerton Firefighters' Association - Local 3421

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